EM Horton Wagons - About Us
rogerPeterson E. M. Horton Wagon Company was founded in 1997 by RogerPeterson, the Great Grandson of E. M. Horton (b.1854 d.1934)

Mr. Horton was a cowboy from Strawberry Kansas who rode the Western Trail as a horse drover. He bought horses by the hundreds from Mexico and herded them north to markets in Kansas, living out of a Chuck Wagon from 1882 to 1889.

Later he was elected Sheriff of Carbon County Wyoming from 1898 to 1909 during the Wild Bunch days.

Rogers inspiration for building the 1/3 scale wagons came from his Great Grandfather, and his need for a Gun Cart for his hobby, Cowboy Action Shooting and from two Wagon Trains he rode with in 1996 and 1997 in Wyoming and Montana.

After riding 200 miles with the Wagon Trains with 30 different wagons, he began researching wagon building and the art of the wheelwright. After crafting his own 1/3 scale Chuck Wagon, he began selling other wagons to Old West buffs, collectors and even to a Cowboy Museum.

shaOfficeThe wagons are manufactured in a shop in Long Beach California by Roger and another craftsman. All phases of production including wheels, metal parts, painting and custom silk screening are done in house.

We hope you will enjoy our wagons as much as we do making them.